First Show: 7:30pm

Second Show: 9:30pm


First Show: 7:30pm

Second Show: 9:30pm


(please read prior to attending to the show)

--flamenco show is on the second floor of the restaurant, where our full menu is available

--both shows will start at the EXACT flamenco times, regardless of any late reservations

--all reservations only have a 15 minute grace period. after the 15 minutes without any notice, the reservation will be canceled and ticket will not be refunded. 

--those who participate for the first 7:30 seating MUST finish before 9:00 latest 

--seating arrangement is in accordance to the party's reservation date

--parties larger than 8, MUST place a deposit

--per our flamenco performers' request: no photos or videos are allowed during the show

Thank you

Saturday Flamenco Show: $5.00 per person

Thursday Flamenco Show: Free Admission

We are delighted to have you for our flamenco show.

Our beloved show is in high demand, and we require a  confirmed and paid ticket in order to participate in this event.

All of our flamenco proceeds go directly to our flamenco performers. Thank you for your patronage and enjoy the show. 

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